Youth employment

Briefing guide: Meeting youth employment policy and action challenges

This briefing guide is a consolidation of earlier material prepared in 2005 for stakeholders in the Promoting Youth Employment in the Philippines (PYEP) project. It explains the terms used in defining (and working in the area of) youth unemployment and underemployment and outlines the specific needs of youth which are separable from the more general problems surrounding unemployment as a whole.

The study, from the perspective of the Philippines, defines the basic terms and concepts used and differentiates the reasons for youth unemployment, both nationally and globally, before proceeding to a discussion of why there is a need to focus on this important area. Common misconceptions regarding the reasons for high levels of youth unemployment are addressed. Dysfunctional factors that exacerbate the problem are addressed from both the supply and demand side.

Its purpose is to provide a record of the terms of the PYEP project as a basis for any successor project in this area. As such it will be of interest to a wide range of readers including labour practitioners working in the area of youth employment as well as policy-makers and officials seeking to harmonize national and local level policies that enhance national competitiveness.