Responsible supply chains in Asia (RSCA)

Philippines: Labour Inspectors introduced to international Corporate Social Responsability

The ILO programme 'Responsible Supply Chains in Asia' programme trains new recruits to the Philippines’ labour inspectorate.

News | 28 February 2020
Trainee Labour Inspectors
Lucena, PHILIPPINES (ILO News) - The RSCA Programme in Manila has contributed to technical safety inspection training for the group of new labour inspectors of the Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE).

The department, in accordance with Article 128 of the Labor Code of the Philippines, has visitorial and enforcement powers and conducts labour inspection of establishments to ensure their compliance to both general labour standards (GLS) and occupational safety and health standards (OSHS).

Inspectors were introduced to a presentation on CSR and Key International CSR Instruments. It is expected that newly hired labour inspectors will now have a greater awareness and understanding of CSR/RBC principles and their importance. Also important was the participants’ understanding of their role in contributing to the promotion of CSR with the enterprises they will be encountering during the course of their work as labour inspectors. The practice of CSR by enterprises will pave the way for their voluntary and strategic compliance with labour laws and regulations without or the need for reduced enforcement by the government.