Trade and employment in the Philippines

The impact of trade on employment in the Philippines: Country report

The report presents how trade policies have impacted decent work outcomes in the Philippines, and how, based on empirical data and evidence, the links between trade policy and decent work principles can be strengthened so that benefits more Filipinos.

In the absence of an integrated approach in trade and employment policies, a country is unlikely to achieve inclusive growth; sustainable and equitable development; and decent, gainful, and productive employment for all. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world today, the Philippines needs to sustain its upward economic momentum while also capitalizing on its current growth gains to finally resolve serious and long-standing socio-economic issues, such as worsening poverty, high unemployment, low wages, increasing prices and costs, and widening social inequalities, among others. Reviewing its trade and employment strategies and policies thus, becomes necessary for the country.