STRENGTHEN Publication Series

A study on skills for trade and economic diversification (STED) in the non-traditional coconut export sectors of the Philippines

In the Philippines’ coconut sector, government initiatives have shifted from focusing on traditional coconut exports such as coconut oil, desiccated coconut and copra oil cake or meal to non-traditional coconut exports such as virgin coconut oil, coco sugar and coco coir. The main objectives of this study are to identify current and potential skill needs, to estimate skill gaps, and to provide recommendations for the design of effective and coherent skills development policies to support growth and expand opportunities for the creation of productive employment in the non-traditional coconut export sector. Specifically, this study: reviews the relevant skills literature and government policies and programs and private sector-led initiatives on skills and human resource development; analyses past and current statistical data on skills and employment in the coconut sector and elicits information on skills issues from key informants and focus groups.