Community enterprise and entreprenuership development

Project on Community Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development (PROCEED)

The PROCEED project is designed to expand the coverage from individual vocational and enterprise training programmes to organizing communities for purposes of enhancing local economic systems to enhance income-generation and self-employment and to help address the chronic issue of poverty in the conflicted areas in Mindanao.

PROCEED Mindanao is composed of the following components:
  • Community enterprise system organizing
  • Capability-building of beneficiaries
  • Provision of start-up capital funds
  • Vocational preparation and enterprise literacy for the youth
  • Advocacy programmes for partners and other stakeholders
  • Applied research and development studies
After three years of project intervention, new and enhanced economic activities are expected to be happening in the target Peace ad Development Communities (PDCs) characterized by the following:
  • 64 small "corporate" units (cooperative, rural workers association, production groups) are organized out of the target groups and their individual or group enterprises.
  • 2,500 beneficiaries engaged in employment or self-employment through their community enterprises.
  • Start-up capital funds have been provided to 32 "corporate" groups. A community enterprise system is successfully working through the basic economic chain of production, processing, trading, distribution and provision of production inputs.
  • 3,600 beneficiaries have been provided with appropriate training in production, service and entrepreneurship skills in line with their actual needs in their small economy using the Community Enterprise Development (CED) methodology.
  • Target groups ready to link their economic activities with the formal markets and enterprises.

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