Workers and Employers' Sectoral Consultation for the Development of the 1st Bangsamoro Regional Action Plan Against Child Labour

With support from the ILO-Japan Multi-bilateral Programme for Asia and the Pacific through the «ILO Project on Achieving Reduction of Child Labour in Support of Education: a project to reduce the worst forms of child labour in agricultural areas in BARMM», and in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Employment in BARMM, a series of consultation with tripartite partners and relevant stakeholders in the region is being rolled-out to aid in the development of the first ever Bangsamoro Regional Action Plan on Child Labour that will capture the views and aspirations of Bangsamoro towards the progressive reduction of child labour which is now further exacerbated by the current pandemic.

The insights and inputs of the workers and employers sector in BARMM to better the lives of working children and child labourers in particular will be of help in the design of an action plan that is reflective of the region’s context, values tripartite engagement and multistakeholder collaboration in coming up with a durable solutions for child labourers and their families.

The development of a Bangsamoro Regional Action Plan Against Child Labour (BRAP-CL) is being proposed to guide MOLE and other relevant ministries and stakeholders in addressing child labour advocacies, develop and implement relevant policies and legislations with needed budgetary allocation to sustain child labour initiatives.

The BRAP-CL, that is envisioned to be produced under this collaborative effort of all actors involved in BARMM, is targeted to be a roadmap document that is adaptable and implementable at the ministerial, provincial and up to the barangay levels, such that the impact shall be felt ultimately by the child labourers and their families.