Skills and employability

Stakeholders Forum: UK Prosperity Fund Skills Programme for South-East Asia

The ILO gathered national stakeholders and key partners to discuss priorities and strategies for more productive and equitable skills and TVET systems under the UK Prosperity Fund Skills Programme for South-East Asia Project.

The ILO implements the UK Prosperity Fund Skills Programme for South-East Asia (UKPFSEA) Project in three countries in South-East Asia, namely Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The programme seeks to contribute to increased capacity for inclusive growth in the Philippines through more productive and equitable skills systems and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems.

These systems will offer relevant, quality and inclusive programmes that support both industry upgrading and transformation, and improvements in employability, employment and the livelihood opportunities of beneficiaries.

As part of its inception phase, the ILO brought together national stakeholders mainly government, workers, employers, skills specialists and partners to gather crucial inputs that will fine-tune and validate project priorities and strategies, including for gender and social inclusion.

The ILO will further present the UKPFSEA project, its objectives, anticipated results and activities; secure commitment among main project partner institutions to support implementation; and discuss current and emerging challenges and opportunities in the national TVET system and the proposed reforms, which the project seeks to support.

Overall, the UKPFSEA aims to achieve strengthened governance of skills system, including enhanced and sustainable institutional capacity; strengthened and sustainable TVET financing system; and, enhanced industry engagement in TVET.