Disaster resilience for enterprises

Workshop on the Role of Business Organizations in Supporting Enterprises and Workers Prepare for Natural Disasters

A workshop co-organized by the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) and the ILO on the new Disaster Resilience Toolkit developed to support enterprises in improving preparedness and reducing risk to disasters.


ECOP in collaboration with the ILO Country Office for the Philippines (CO-Manila) and the Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACT/EMP) organized a workshop on the role that business organizations can play in supporting enterprises and workers prepare for disasters.

In this workshop, representatives from the government, employers’ and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) had the opportunity to learn about the new Disaster Resilience Toolkit developed by the ILO to assist businesses in improving preparedness and reducing risk to disasters. This toolkit is a core component of ILO’s Sustainable and Resilient Enterprise (SRE) Platform, a multi-partner ‘network of networks’, developed to promote decent work and sustainable and resilient enterprises.


The workshop objectives were:
  • Establish whether the SRE Platform Toolkit can provide Employers’ organizations and employers and business membership organizations (EBMOs), enterprises and their workers with practical tools and approaches to maintain commercial operation and support livelihoods in disaster prone areas;
  • Identify what EBMOs can do at a national level to help protect and build the resilience of enterprises. These can range from exploring collective cheaper insurance schemes, to promoting mechanisms for rapid access to capital, or policy measures before and following disasters, among others; and
  • Highlight the constructive role that business can play in developing disaster resilience strategies alongside the community and government actors, as a way to promote more coordinated and cooperative efforts.