Strategic compliance on labour inspection

Capacity Building Workshop on Strategic Compliance in Luzon

Given the need to orient social partners on the new inspection rules, and the need to help them develop strategic compliance campaign interventions, it was proposed that the ILO Building the Capacity of the Philippine Labour Inspectorate Project to support the regional capacity building workshop for social partners on strategic compliance within the first quarter of 2018.

The objectives of the two-day workshop will be: (a) to orient social partners on the salient points of the new inspection rules under DOLE Department Order 183-17, including their rights and responsibilities under the said Department Order and; (b) to develop tripartite strategic compliance campaigns which can be used as reference for identifying regional inspection priorities, and other strategies which tripartite partners can implement either jointly or separately to promote awareness and social dialogue on compliance to general labour standards.

In this workshop, the participants will be assisted in the development of regional tripartite strategic compliance campaigns which can then be used by the DOLE Regional Offices as basis for their development of their region-specific annual work plans to cover not just labour inspection but also the delivery of other DOLE programmes that would contribute to improve compliance to labour laws, such as labour education, conciliation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution programmes, and productivity improvements.

The activity will also contribute to one of the Labour Inspectorate Project sub-immediate objectives “to develop models for effective tripartite collaboration and partnerships for promoting labour laws compliance in pilot regions.”