Trade and Employment

Tripartite Working Group Meeting on Trade and Employment

The ILO’s STRENGTHEN Project has convened government, employers’ and workers’ representatives to discuss trade and employment and to provide updates on the project status and progress in the Philippines.

The ILO’s Strengthening the Impact of Trade on Employment in the Philippines (STRENGTHEN), a project funded by the European Union, has convened its first Tripartite Working Group Meeting for Trade and Employment.

Representatives from government agencies, employers’ and workers organizations joined the meeting to discuss the current situation including government policies and directives to improve the coconut export industry. The meeting also tackled issues, concerns and challenges on trade and employment.

The STRENGTHEN Project also provided updates on project status and progress. The meeting concluded with the members reaffirming their commitment based on the agreed composition, structure and membership of the Tripartite Working Group for Trade and Employment. The members also shared their ideas for future activities under the project.