Trade Unions

Communications: Organizing and Mobilizing Workers

The ILO will hold a training workshop to help strengthen communication skills of workers organizations to enhance their capacity on using various channels to mobilize and organize workers.

Organizing and mobilizing vulnerable groups such as migrants, domestic workers and other precariously employed workers are significant challenges that exist for trade unions in a number of countries including in the Philippines. The issue is not only about reaching out to workers but also making their voice heard in the society so that change for the better happens. Communication is a key element in organizing and mobilizing workers in this age of globalization. Effectiveness of communication strategies and tools of trade unions is vital for improving the success of trade union actions.

The ILO's Bureau for Workers' Activities will hold a training workshop for trade unions in the Philippines aimed at strengthening communication skills of workers organizations. The training workshop is aimed at enhancing the capacity of trade unions to use communication strategies and tools for organizing and mobilizing workers. Trade unions’ communication officers, organizers and staff in charge of unions’ websites, social media and newsletters are expected to participate.