Green Jobs

Green Jobs and Just Transition Technical workshop for Employers' Organizations

The ILO, in partnership with the government, workers and employers organizations in the Philippines, has conducted a workshop to enhance understanding of greens jobs and just transition. The workshop was part of the pilot application of the policy guidelines on “Just Transition towards Environmentally Sustainable Economies and Societies for All”.

The Green Jobs and Just Transition technical workshops aimed at enhancing the understanding of government, workers and employers organizations in the Philippines of the concepts of "Sustainable Development, Inclusive Growth and Green Jobs". The workshop also provided a venue to discuss the relevance of Decent Work and Industrial Relations mechanism to achieve Just Transition to Environmentally Sustainable Economies and Societies. This is with the end view of enhancing the capacity of the country to support the implementation of the Philippine Green Jobs Act .

As a result, the workshops achieved the following:
  • Better appreciation of the policy developments relating to green economy, climate change action and sustainable development vis-à-vis the world of work and promotion of decent work
  • Improved understanding of approaches and good practices relating to green jobs and environmentally sustainable economies
  • Identified links to Tripartite constituents’ agenda and practicable action within the context of the Just Transition Pilot Application Project  and their own initiatives
  • Reviewed the draft Philippine Green Jobs Act or Republic Act 10771  implementing rules and regulations and identified next steps for the implementation of the law
In the Philippines, the ILO supports the constituents - government, workers and employers, including other stakeholders, in implementing the Green Jobs Act  and in leveraging the process of structural change. Such change is necessary towards a sustainable, low carbon, climate-resilient economy to create decent jobs on a significant scale, and in an inclusive and sustained manner. This is in line with the national goals as well as international commitments, which include the Sustainable Development Goals and the Philippines Intended Nationally Determined Contribution  to address climate change.