Labour laws compliance

Trainers' Training Programme in Building the Capacity of Workers' on the Labour Laws Compliance System

The workshop objectives were to: (a) improve understanding and build the capacity of workers' organizations in implementing their programmes and advocacies to promote labour laws compliance; and (b) identify strategies and proposals to strengthen workers' representation and engagement in various modes and stages of the inspection/assessment process.

The five-day training was divided into four thematic clusters designed to capacitate the paralegals participation in the labour law compliance system (LLCS) such as: 
  • LLCS foundational course;
  • LLCS procedure and workers’ statutory rights: Labour standards, wages, special labour laws and social legislations, occupational safety and health;
  • Industrial relations: Role of workers in LLCS; and
  • Basic paralegal skills.
The participants were composed of labour leaders, paralegals, educators, organizers, shop steward or OSH Committee members.