Capacity building on labour laws compliance

Capacity Building for DOLE Officials and Labour Laws Compliance Officers in Determining Labour Only Contracting (Visayas)

With United States Department of Labor (USDOL) funding, ILO supported three batches of regional trainings as part of its strategy to provide specialized training on contract labour. Labour only contracting, more popularly referred to in the Philippines either as “555” or “Endo”, is a situation where workers are repeatedly hired for the same kind of work by the same company, on at most five-month contracts.

The objectives of this area-wide training were to: (a) capacitate DOLE personnel, Regional Offices and Field Offices on the implementation of labour laws related to contracting and subcontracting arrangements; (b) enhance the assessment skills of Labour Laws Compliance Officers in determining labour only contracting; and (c) refine regional action plans on assessments of contracting and subcontracting practices and gather inputs for the national action plan.
The training provided an opportunity for the regional offices to review their regional inspection plans focusing on labour only contracting mobilizing those who were trained to inspect and handle cases of labour only contracting. According to DOLE, 49,393 workers have been regularized since August 2016 until end of June 2017.