Sloping ariculture land technology

Contract Signing for SALT Implementation in Kananga, Leyte

The International Labour Organization (LO), in partnership with the Mahawan Farmers Association (MFA) and with the support of the UK Department for International Development (DFID), implemented a Sloping Agriculture Land Technology (SALT) sub-project in the Municipality of Kananga, Leyte.

The Super Typhoon Haiyan severely affected the Philippines’ agriculture sector. Government estimates pegged damages at 600,000 hectares of agriculture areas with 1.1 million metric tonnes of crops lost, of which 80 per cent had been reported in Region VIII.


SALT has the potential to provide upland areas with an agriculture system that will be resilient in the face of the violent storms, as well as improving water retention, reducing soil erosion/nutrient run off and making sloping agricultural land more productive. The sub-project employed 43 workers-beneficiaries for 30 working days. They were provided with minimum wages, social security, health insurance and personal protective equipment (PPE).  


On 24 October 2014, the ILO and MFA sealed the agreement with a contract signing event participated by Engr Erly Martinez (ILO Field Coordinator), Mr Uldanico C. Navarro (President, MFA) and other members of MFA.


Similar SALT sub-projects were implemented in Ormoc City and the municipalities of San Isidro, Villaba and Kananga, Leyte, in partnership with Basud Farmers Association, Daja Daku Farmers Association, Banat-i Farmers Association, Hacienda Maria Primary Multi-purpose Cooperative, Cabintan Livelihood Community Association, Sitio Catmonay Vegetable Farmers Association, Lake Danao Farmers Association, Gaas Farmers Association, Biasong Integrated Farmers Association, San Jose Farmers Association, Barangay Malazarte Matag-ob Farmers Association, Progressive Farmers Association of Domonar, Busay Farmers Association, Santo Domingo Farmers Association, San Isidro Luberanan Farmers Association, Kananga-Lita Irrigation’s Association, Lake Danao Community Association, Dolores Livelihood Community Association, Bunacan Vegetables Farmers Association, Cabungaan Farmers Association and Bagong Henerasyon Farmers Association.


Engr Erly Martinez (ILO Field Coordinator) and members of the Mahawan Farmers Association (MFA) look on as Mr Uldanico C. Navarro (President, MFA) signs the contract for the implementation of a SALT sub-project in Kananga, Leyte. 


Personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand tools are distributed to SALT worker-beneficiaries in Barangay San Isidro, Kananga on 27 October 2014. Present during the turn-over were Carlito Torreon, (Municipal Agriculture Officer, Kananga), Engr Erl Martinez (ILO Field Coordinator), Mr Elmer Manginsay (ILO Staff member) and Mr Alejandro Ayrosa, (President, San Isidro Luberanan Farmers Association).