Migrant welfare fund programme

Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar Agree to Take Actions to Develop Migrant Welfare Fund Programmes

In line with the ASEAN TRIANGLE Project’s workplan with Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar (CLM), a workshop was convened to disseminate and validate the findings of a feasibility study and an operational blueprint that looked into how CLM may establish Migrant Welfare Fund (MWF) programmes.

The workshop was hosted by Lao PDR’s Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security attended by over 40 participants from CLM as well as high ranking officials from the labour ministries of the Philippines and Viet Nam. The research team was led by former Philippine Labour Minister, Mr Marianito Roque and composed of national consultants from CLM.

By the end of the event, the participants agreed, where possible, to support measures that will lead to the establishment of MWFs or their equivalent in CLM. An Outcome Document that outlined key strategies and priority actions was produced.