Design of unemployment insurance systems

Roundtable on the Design of Unemployment Insurance Systems: Learning from ASEAN Experience

The International Labour Organization Country Office for the Philippines (ILO CO-Manila), the ILO/Japan-ASEAN Unemployment Insurance Project, and the Government of the Philippines will organize an experts’ meeting to recall international labour standards relating to unemployment benefits, share experiences of ASEAN’s on-going initiatives to protect and support the unemployed, as well as worldwide practices, on unemployment insurance.

The event will be conducted from 19 to 20 November 2012, St Giles Hotel, Makati City. The purpose of roundtable is fourfold:

1. Raise awareness on ILO’s principles and concepts related to unemployment protection.

2. Explore difference modalities of unemployment or employment insurance applied in countries worldwide.

3. Share experiences and lessons learnt from ASEAN countries concerning the design process, consensus building for the introduction of unemployment insurance over time.

4. Understand the different steps of the design process and the importance of adopting an integrated approach between unemployment insurance and employment support policies.

The two following outputs are expected from the roundtable discussions:

1. The way forward for introducing unemployment benefits in the Philippines, including considerations for sharing effectively knowledge and expertise on unemployment protection policies among ASEAN countries.

2. A report of ASEAN experience on the design and implementation of unemployment protection measures.