Study on the Fruits and Vegetable Supply Chains in the Philippines

Call for Expresssion of Interest: Research Consultancy for the Study on the Fruits & Vegetable Supply Chains in the Philippines and Responsible Business Conducts towards Economic and Social Upgrading.

The International Labor Organization through its Responsible Supply Chains in Asia Project is calling for interested consultants to carry out the above-stated research. The proposed study will explore and analyse good labour practices in the RBC or the CSR strategies in global supply chains, and how those practices contribute to both economic and social upgrading in specific fruits or vegetable supply chains in the Philippines. It will do so by a) generating an in-depth knowledge of employment and labour issues in selected supply chains of fruits and vegetable sector in the Philippines and their contribution to the competitiveness and productivity of the supply chains in question, and b) documenting relevant RBC/CSR cases in the country that are intended to achieve double/triple-bottom line approach to sustainability (environment, social and economic). Note that the concept of CSR referred here is the ones defined by the European Commission (EC) and ILO, and not the philanthropic one.

The assignment will be carried out between 13 May – 12 July 2019. The two stages of the research are to be completed from 13 May to 12 July 2019 while one day will be allotted for the presentation of the research findings tentatively on 25 July 2019 during the Tripartite Meeting for Business and same presentation will be done on a specific date on the last week of August during the Tripartite Plus Dialogue to be participated in by ILO constituents and other stakeholders.

Please find attached full ToR for this consultancy.

All proposals must be submitted by 5:00pm (Manila time) of Monday, 22 April 2019 through emails to the following:

• National Project Coordinator of the Project at, with copy to
• Julius Panzo, Project Assistant at, and
• Programme Manager of the Project at