Call for a Consultant: RSCA Researcher and Documenter

Call for a Consultant: Researcher and Documenter for adaptation of labour-CSR material and co-facilitation of CSR training. Deadline: 28 February 2019.

In line with the programme objective of promoting sustainable and inclusive growth by ensuring that investors and businesses have a better understanding and practical examples of responsible business practices, the programme will organize training activities to strengthen the capacities of different actors in the sector targeted by the programme, in particular businesses, MNEs, SMEs, sector associations and business development services (BDS) providers. For this purpose the ILO has developed a CSR training tool, the “CSR training module for SMEs”, developed jointly by the ILO SCORE (Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises ) programme, the Multinational Enterprises and Enterprise Engagement Unit (ENT/MULTI) Team and the Responsible Supply Chains in Asia programme (RSCA). As part of the development of this tool, a pilot-testing process will take place in the Philippines, as the country counts with advanced level in institutional development as well as the commitment of the private sector with CSR.

The objective of the piloting is to test the content, pedagogical tools and methodology of the CSR training module, as well as the content of it to finalise the module and start rolling it out in the countries where the RSCA programme is present. The results of this piloting process is expected to lead to the adjustment, adaptation and contextualisation of the training, to make it more relevant and effective for the targeted audience in the countries where it will be rolled out, creating awareness and understanding by SMEs on responsible business practices and realization on why it makes good sense for them to adopt such practices.