Request for Proposal: Communications and Visibility Specialist

Call for a Consultant: Terms of Reference for the Design of the communication strategy for the Responsible Supply Chain in Asia Project (RSCA): Deadline: 27 January 2019

The management of the project will contract an External Collaborator to design and develop the communication and visibility strategy of the project RSCA and to assist the project in communication related products.

The RSCA project is an ILO decentralised project managed from the ILO ROAP with National Project Coordinators (NPCs) in each of the countries. In order to communicate the results and progress of the project in the respective countries and at the regional level the project will commission the design of seven (7) portals (one regional/general and six (6) for each country where the project is present). The general portal will be placed in the regional website for Asia-Pacific while the portals at the national level will be placed in the respective pages of ILO country offices.