Las Fantásticas Andinas - Boosting Andean grain production by leaving no one behind

To commemorate World Food Day, the film forum "Las Fantásticas Andinas, promoting the production of Andean grains without leaving anyone behind" was held, with the mini documentary "Las Fantásticas Andinas, Guardianas del Patrimonio Alimentario boliviano" (The Fantastic Andean Women, Guardians of the Bolivian Food Heritage) as the protagonist.

Noticia | 25 de octubre de 2023
La Paz - In commemoration of World Food Day and the 78th Anniversary of the United Nations in Bolivia, the ILO and the Movimiento de Integración Gastronómico Alimentario de Bolivia (MIGA), organized the film forum "Las Fantásticas Andinas, driving the production of Andean grains without leaving anyone behind". This event highlighted courageous women such as Trigidia Jiménez, María Eugenia Galarreta, Beatriz Mayorga and Yanet Torrez, who have become fundamental pillars in the production of Andean grains.

Through the presentation of the mini-documentary: “The Wonderful Andeans, Guardians of Bolivian Food Heritage”, a discussion was held on decent work in Andean grain production chains linking key themes as enhancing food security, safeguarding ancestral knowledge and flavors, generation of decent work opportunities for women producers, safe working spaces, climate change and access to water.

The film forum was inaugurated by the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Bolivia, Rafael Ramírez, who highlighted in his speech the need to: "make more efforts to put women at the center of the discussion, so that empowerment proposals start from them, as guardians of ancestral knowledge and flavors."

Likewise, Italo Cardona, Director of the ILO Office for Andean Countries, highlighted the ILO's contribution and support, through the SCORE Programme in Bolivia, and the Zero Hunger objective.

"The he ILO accompanies national efforts, through strengthening competencies to address the challenges for the creation of decent jobs in the Andean grain chains, promoting gender equality and contributing to further progress along the path of sustainable development”. Ítalo Cardona, Director of the ILO's Andean Office

The discussion was moderated by Coral Ayoroa, Chef and Promoter of Food Heritage in Bolivia, and Marisol Murillo, Public Information Officer of the United Nations (UNIC), and focused on the challenges and opportunities of Andean grain value chains in Bolivia, the actions that must be taken to counteract the effects of climate change and how international organizations such as FAO, ILO and WFP, can support producers through the challenges that they are facing.

The Panel was formed by the Fantásticas Andinas women, Rodrigo Roubach, Representative in Bolivia for FAO, Alejandro López-Chicheri, Country Director for WFP, Chandni Lanfranchi, Project Manager the ILO SCORE Programme in Bolivia, Leslie Salazar, Executive Director of the Movimiento de Integración Gastronómico Alimentario (MIGA) and Marcelo Collao, Promoter of the Magnificent Andean Grains and the Fantásticas Andinas women.

"We need the government to guarantee the sale of our products, for example, we need to manage school breakfasts where we can sell milk and tarwi-based cookies". María Eugenia Galarreta, Fantástica del Tarwi

The event concluded with a space for gastronomic exchange organised by the CEFIM Gastronomic School.

Re-live the event HERE.

Since 2021, the ILO, through the SCORE Programme, has been developing various actions for the promotion of Andean grain value chains, strengthening the opening of export markets, improving labour conditions and strengthening opportunities for MSEs in Bolivia.