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IARC, Lyon 1993

`Occupational sources' column edited by IPCS, Geneva, 1993

Any comments related to the IARC Monographs should be sent to Dr. H. Vainio, Chief, Unit of Carcinogen Identification and Evaluation, International Agency for Research on Cancer

Address:  150 cours Albert Thomas
          69372 Lyon Cedex 08
Group 1   The  agents and industrial processes which have been evaluated by 
	  IARC Monographs Programme as being carcinogenic to humans.

Group 2A  The  agents and industrial processes which have been evaluated by 
	  IARC Monographs Programme as being probably carcinogenic to humans.

Group 2B  The  agents and industrial processes which have been evaluated by 
	  IARC Monographs Programme as being possibly carcinogenic to humans.


Agent/Industrial process                     CAS Number	Occupational

Group 1 Carcinogenic to humans

Aflatoxins  (1993)(a)                        1402-68-2 	Feedstuff contaminants,
4-Aminobiphenyl                              92-67-1    Rubber manufacture
Arsenic  and  arsenic  compounds(b)          7440-38-2	Drug, pesticide
Asbestos                                     1332-21-4  Roofing, friction
Azathioprine                                 446-86-6  	Drug
Benzene                                      71-43-2   	Solvent, raw material
Benzidine                                    92-87-5   	Raw material, impurity
Beryllium  and  beryllium  compounds(d)      7440-41-7	Raw material, 
							electronics industry
(Chlornaphazine)               		     494-03-1	Drug
Bis(chloromethyl)ether  and                  542-88-1   Laboratory chemical
chloromethyl methyl ether (technical-grade)  107-30-2
1,4-Butanediol dimethanesulfonate (Myleran)  55-98-1	Antineoplastic agent
Cadmium  and  cadmium  compounds(d)          7440-43-9	Raw material
Chlorambucil                                 305-03-3  	Antineoplastic agent
-1-nitrosourea                		     13909-09-6	Antineoplastic agent
(Methyl-CCNU)						/3.,p.191/
Chromium(VI)   compounds   (1990)                      	Pigment	manufacturing 
Ciclosporin (1990)                           79217-60-0 Drug  /2.,91-527/
Cyclophosphamide                             50-18-0   	Antineoplastic agent
Diethylstilboestrol                          56-53-1   	Drug
Erionite                                     66733-21-9	Natural
							mineral fibre 
Melphalan                                    148-82-3  	Antineoplastic agent
8-Methoxypsoralen (Methoxsalen) plus  
ultraviolet  radiation          	     298-81-7	Dermatological drug 
MOPP and other combined chemotherapy 
including alkylating agents				Antineoplastic agents
Mustard gas (Sulfur mustard)                 505-60-2  	War  gas
2-Naphthylamine                              91-59-8   	Dye manufacturing
Nickel   compounds  (1990)                             	Pigment, batteries,
Oestrogen replacement therapy                          	Hormones /1.,p.1666/
Oestrogens, nonsteroidal(b)                             Hormones,
							industry /1.,p.1666/
Oestrogens,  oesteroidal(b)	                        Hormones, 
							industry /1.,p.1666/
Oral contraceptives, combined(c)                        Hormones
Oral contraceptives, sequential                         Hormones
Radon and its decay products (1988)          10043-92-2	Mining
Solar radiation (1992)
Talc  containing asbest-form fibres                     Extenders in paints 
							and ceramic products 
Thiotepa  (1990)                             52-24-4    Antineoplastic agent
Treosulfan                                   299-75-2  	Antineoplastic agent
Vinyl chloride (monomer)                     75-01-4    Plastic industry


Alcoholic beverages (1988)
Analgesic mixtures containing phenacetin              	Drugs
Betel quid with tobacco
Coal-tar pitches                             65996-93-2 Raw material
Coal-tars                                    8007-45-2 	Drug, raw material
Mineral oils, untreated and mildly treated              Use of  crude
							oil distillates 
Salted fish (Chinese-style) (1993)
Shale-oils                                   68308-34-9
Tobacco products, smokeless
Tobacco smoke

Exposure circumstances

Aluminium production
Boot and shoe manufacture and repair
Coal gasification
Coke production
Furniture and cabinet making
Haematite mining (underground) with exposure to radon
Iron and steel founding
Isopropanol manufacture, strong-acid process
Magenta, manufacture of (1993)
Painter, occupational exposure (1989)
Rubber industry
Strong-inorganic-acid mists containing sulfuric acid (1992)

Agent/Industrial process                     CAS Number   	Occupational

Group 2A Probably carcinogenic to humans

Acrylonitrile                                107-13-1  	Raw material
Adriamycind                                  23214-92-8	Antineoplastic agent 
Androgenic (anabolic) steroids                          Drugs
Azacitidine  (1990)(d)                       320-67-2   Antineoplastic agent
Benz[a]anthracene(d)                         56-55-3   	Impurity
Benzidine-based dyes(d)                                	Dyes
Benzo[a]pyrene(d)                            50-32-8   	Impurity
Bischloroethyl nitrosourea (BCNU)            154-93-8	Antineoplastic agent
1,3-Butadiene (1992)                         106-9-90  	Manufacture of  
							synthetic rubber 
Captafol (1991)(d)                           2425-06-1 	Fungicides, pesticides
Chloramphenicol (1990)(d)                    56-75-7   	Antibiotics /1.,p.171/
1-(2-Chloroethyl)-3-cyclohexyl-1-nitrosourea 13010-47-4	Antineoplastic agent
para-Chloro-ortho-toluidine and 
its strong acid salts (1990)(d)       	     95-69-2	Synthesis of organic 
Chlorozotocin (1990)(d)                      54749-90-5	Antineoplastic agent 
Cisplatin(d)				     15663-27-1	Antineoplastic agent 
Dibenz[a,h]anthracene(d)                     53-70-3   	Coal-tar /1.,p.1765/
Diethyl sulfate (1992)(d)                    64-67-5    Raw material,
Dimethylcarbamoyl chloride(d)                79-44-7    Laboratories
Dimethyl sulfate(d)                          77-78-1    Raw material,
Epichlorohydrin(d)                           106-89-8  	Epoxyres in products, 
							raw material, 
Ethylene dibromide(d)                        106-93-4  	Soil fumigant, 
							leaded gasoline 
Ethylene oxide                               75-21-8   	Pesticide, 
N-Ethyl-N-nitrosourea(d)                     759-73-9  	Laboratory synthesis 
							of diazoethane 
Formaldehyde                                 50-00-0    Preservative,
							disinfectant, textile, 
							wood/timber industry,
                                                       	raw  material
IQ(d) (2-Amino-3-methylimid-azo[4,5-f]
-quinoline) (1993) 			     76180-96-6 Grilled fish
							and meat 
5-Methoxypsoralend                           484-20-8   Dermatological agent
4,4'-Methylene bis(2-chloroaniline) 
(MOCA) (1993)      			     101-14-4   Polyurethane
							industry, curing agent
(MNNG)(d)   				     70-25-7     Laboratory agent
N-Methyl-N-nitrosourea(d)                    684-93-5  	Laboratory synthesis 
							of diazomethane 
Nitrogen mustar(d)                           51-75-2    Basis for some
							antineoplastic agents
N-Nitrosodiethylamine(d)                     55-18-5   	Laboratories
N-Nitrosodimethylamine(d)                    62-75-9   	Laboratories, 
Phenacetin                                   62-44-2   	Drug
Procarbazine hydrochloride(d)                366-70-1	Antineoplastic agent 
Propylene oxide(d)                           75-56-9   	Production of propylene
							glycol /1.,p.771/
Silica, crystalline                          14808-60-7 Ceramic
							industry /1.,p.2034/
Styrene oxide                                96-09-3   	Epoxy resin additive
Tris(2,3-dibromopropyl)phosphate             126-72-7		
Ultraviolet radiation A (1992)(d)		        Solar radiation
Ultraviolet radiation B (1992)(d)                       Solar radiation
Ultraviolet radiation C (1992)(d)			Welding operation, 
Vinyl  bromided                              593-60-2  	As an intermediate 
							in organic synthesis, 
							manufacture of
                                                       	polymers /8.,p.135/

Creosotes                                    8001-58-9  Wood preservative for
Diesel engine exhaust (1989)
Hot mate (1991)                                        	Beverage
Non-arsenical  insecticides, spraying 
and Occupational exposures in application of (1991)
Polychlorinated  biphenyls  (PCB)            1336-36-3	Limited application in

Exposure circumstances

Art glass, glass containers and pressed ware (manufacture of) (1993)
Hairdresser or barber (1993)
Petroleum refining (1989)
Sunlamps and sunbeds (1992)

Agent/Industrial process                     CAS Number Occupational

Group 2B Possibly carcinogenic to humans

A-a-C; (2-Amino-9H-pyrido[2,3-b]indole)      26148-68-5	Grilled food,
							tobacco smoke 
Acetaldehyde                                 75-07-0    Manufacture of acetic
							acid and ethyl 
							acetate /1.,p.36/
Acetamide                                    60-35-5   	As a solvent for 
							organic compounds, 
							plasticizer /1.,p.139/
Acrylamide                                   79-06-1   	Manufacture of 
							acrylamide polymers 
AF-2; [2-(2-Furyl)-3-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-
acrylamide]       			     3688-53-7  Ex-food
Aflatoxin  M1 (1993)                         6795-23-9 	Found in the milk cows
							fed toxic meals /11/
para-Aminoazobenzene                         60-09-3   	Dyes /1.,p.231/
ortho-Aminoazotoluene                        97-56-3   	Dyes /1.,p.231/
thiadiazole                           	     712-68-5 	Drug /12.,p.39/
Amitrole                                     61-82-5   	Herbicide
ortho-Anisidine                              90-04-0   	Laboratories
Antimony  trioxide  (1989)                   1309-64-4  Tartar emetic, paint
							pigment /1.,p.177/
AramiteR                                     140-57-8  	Pesticide
Atrazine (1991)                              1912-24-9 	Herbicide /1.,p.1626/
Auramine (technical-grade)                   492-80-8  	Dye manufacture 
Azaserine                                    115-02-6  	Antineoplastic agent
Benzo[b]fluoranthene                         205-99-2  	Impurity
Benzo[j]fluoranthene                         205-82-3  	Impurity
Benzo[k]fluoranthene                         207-08-9  	Impurity
Benzyl violet 4B                             1694-09-3 	Textile dye 
Bleomycinse(e)                               11056-06-7	Antineoplastic drug
Bracken fern
Bromodichloromethane (1991)                  75-27-4  	Intermediate
							solvent /5.,II/23/
Butylated  hydroxyanisole  (BHA)             25013-16-5	Food additive 
b--Butyrolactone                             3068-88-0 	Laboratories
Caffeic  acid  (1993)                        331-39-5  	Constituent of plants
Carbon-black  extracts                                  Manufacture of natural
							and synthetic rubber
Carbon tetrachloride                         56-23-5   	Solvent, raw material
Ceramic  fibres  (1988)                                 Use in manufacture of
							paper felts, furnace 
Chlordane (1991)                             57-74-9   	Pesticide
Chlordecone (Kepone)                         143-50-0  	Pesticide
Chlorendic acid (1990)                       115-28-6  	Chemical intermediate 
							in the manufacture of
					           	unsaturated polyester
							resins /2.,pp.90-1979/
a-Chlorinated toluenes                                 	Intermediates
para-Chloroaniline (1993)                    106-47-8 	Dye industry
Chloroform                                   67-66-3   	Solvent, raw material
Chlorophenols                                          	Fungicides, 
Chlorophenoxy herbicides                               	Herbicides
4-Chloro-ortho-phenylenediamine              95-83-0 	Hair-dye component  
CI Acid Red 114 (1993)                       6459-94-5 	Dye
CI Basic Red 9 (1993)                        569-61-9  	Dye
CI Direct Blue 15 (1993)                     2429-74-5 	Dye
Citrus Red No. 2 (CI 12156)                  6358-53-8 	Dye
Cobalt  and  cobalt compounds  (1991)        7440-48-4	Manufacture of magnets 
para-Cresidine                               120-71-8  	Dye manufacturing
Cycasin                                      14901-08-7	Naturally occurring
    							toxin, seeds, roots    
							and leaves of cycad 
							plants /15.,p.122/
Dacarbazine                                  4342-03-4  Antineoplastic drug
Dantron (Chrysazin; 1,8-
Dihydroxyanthraquinone)(1990)   	     117-10-2 	Drug/2.,pp.91-572/
Daunomycin                                   20830-81-3 Antineoplastic agent
DDT (para,para'-DDT) (1991)                  50-29-3    Pesticide
N,N'-Diacetylbenzidine                       613-35-4  	Dye manufacturing
2,4-Diaminoanisole                           615-05-4  	Dye manufacturing, 
							hair dye
4,4'-Diaminodiphenyl ether                   101-80-4 	Dye manufacturing
2,4-Diaminotoluene                           95-80-7   	Dye  manufacturing,  
							raw material, hair dye
Dibenz[a,h]acridine                          226-36-8  	Pollutant/1.,p.460/
Dibenz[a,j]acridine                          224-42-0  	Pollutant /1.,p.460/
7H-Dibenzo[c,g]carbazole                     194-59-2  	Tobacco smoke 
Dibenzo[a,e]pyrene                           192-65-4   Diesel and  gasoline
							engine exhaust fumes 
Dibenzo[a,h]pyrene                           189-64-0   Diesel and gasoline
							engine exhaust fumes 
Dibenzo[a,i]pyrene                           189-55-9   Diesel and gasoline
							engine exhaust fumes 
Dibenzo[a,l]pyrene                           191-30-0   Diesel and gasoline
							engine exhaust fumes 
1,2-Dibromo-3-chloropropane                  96-12-8    Pesticide
para-Dichlorobenzene                         106-46-7  	Fumigants, 
3,3'-Dichlorobenzidine                       91-94-1  	Raw material, dye
3,3'-Dichloro-4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether     28434-86-8	Dye, raw material
1,2-Dichloroethane                           107-06-2  	Solvent, raw material
Dichloromethane (Methylene chloride)         75-09-2    Solvent
1,3-Dichloropropene   (technical-grade)      542-75-6	Pesticides 
Dichlorvos (1991)                            62-73-7   	Pesticide
Diepoxybutane                                1464-53-5  Raw material,
Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate                    117-81-7  	Plastic industry
1,2-Diethylhydrazine                         1615-80-1  Laboratory chemical
Diglycidyl resorcinol ether                  101-90-6   Epoxy resin,
							aircraft equipment 
							industry /20.,p.154/
Dihydrosafrole                               94-58-6   	Chemical intermediate 
							for manufacture of 
							piperonyl butoxide
Diisopropyl sulfate (1992)                   2973-10-6 	Manufacturing of 
3,3'-Dimethoxybenzidine (ortho-Dianisidine)  119-90-4   Dye, laboratories
para-Dimethylaminoazobenzene                 60-11-7    Dye, laboratories
(5-nitro-2-furyl)-          		     25962-77-0	Limited usage as a 
vinyl]-1,3,4-oxadiazole 				pharmaceutical 
2,6-Dimethylaniline (2,6-Xylidine) (1993)    87-62-7    Synthesis of
							other chemicals 
3,3'-Dimethylbenzidine (ortho-Tolidine)      119-93-7 	Dye, laboratories
Dimethylformamide (1989)                     68-12-2   	Solvent for liquids 
							and organic compounds
1,1-Dimethylhydrazine                        57-14-7   	Rocket fuel 
							formulations, chemical
							synthesis /3.,p.149/
1,2-Dimethylhydrazine                        540-73-8   Chemical intermediate
1,6-Dinitropyrene (1989)                     42397-64-8	Diesel and gasoline 
							engine exhaust fumes 
1,8-Dinitropyrene  (1989)                    42397-65-9	Diesel and gasoline 
							engine exhaust fumes 
1,4-Dioxane                                  123-91-1  	Raw material, solvent
Disperse Blue 1 (1990)                       2475-45-8 	Dye, hair dye
Ethyl   acrylate                             140-88-5 	As a component of 
							solution for coating      
							textiles, paper and       
							leather /1.,p.53/
Ethylene thiourea                            96-45-7    Raw material,
							laboratories, rubber 
Ethyl methanesulfonate                       62-50-0   	Laboratories
furyl)thiazole      			     3570-75-0 	No use
Glasswool (1988)
Glu-P-1 (2-Amino-6-methyldipyrido
  [1,2-a:3',2'-d]imidazole)          	     67730-11-4	Charred fraction of 
							cooked fish and meat 
Glu-P-2 (2-Aminodipyrido
  [1,2-a:3',2'-d]imidazole)        	     67730-10-3 Charred fraction of 
							cooked fish and meat 
Glycidaldehyde                               765-34-4  	Acrolein metabolite
Griseofulvin                                 126-07-8  	Antibiotic drug,
							veterinary medicine
HC Blue No. 1 (1993)                         2784-94-3 	Hair dye
Heptachlor (1991)                            76-44-8   	Pesticide
Hexachlorobenzene                            118-74-1  	Fungicide
Hexachlorocyclohexanes                                 	Pesticide /1.,p.1616/
Hexamethylphosphoramide                      680-31-9  	Solvent
Hydrazine                                    302-01-2  	Raw material
Indeno[1,2,3-cd]pyrene                       193-39-5  	Tobacco smoke, 
							inhalation of polluted 
							air /17.,p.376/
Iron-dextran complex                         9004-66-4 	Drug
Lasiocarpine                                 303-34-4  	Used medicinally as an
							emetic and in the 
							treatment of snake 
							bites /15.,p.282/
Lead  [7439-92-1] and lead compounds, inorganic         Manufacture of pipes, 
							cable sheating 
Magenta  (containing  CI Basic Red 9) (1993) 632-99-5  	Dyes and dyestuff 
MeA-a-C (2-Amino-3-methyl-9H-pyrido
  [2,3-b]indole)      			     68006-83-7	Grilled food, tobacco 
							smoke /9.,p.279/
Medroxyprogesterone  acetate                 71-58-9   	Hormones,
MeIQ  (2-Amino-3,4-dimethylimidazo
  [4,5-f]quinoline) (1993)           	     77094-11-2	Grilled beef and fish
MeIQx  (2-Amino  3,8-dimethylimidazo
  [4,5-f]quinoxaline) (1993)        	     77500-04-0 Fried fish and beef 
Merphalan                                    531-76-0  	Antineoplastic agent
2-Methylaziridine                            75-55-8   	Intermediate
Methylazoxymethanol   acetate                592-62-1  	Cancer research
5-Methylchrysene                             3697-24-3  Diesel and gasoline
							engine exhaust fumes 
4,4'-Methylene   bis(2-methylaniline)        838-88-0 	Dye manufacture /22/
4,4'-Methylenedianiline (4,4'-
  Diaminodiphenylmethane)  		     101-77-9  	Production of
							isocyanates and 
Methylmercury compounds (1993)
Methyl  methanesulfonate                     66-27-3   	Produced for research
  (uncertain purity)          		     129-15-7  	Dye intermediate 
N-Methyl-N-nitrosourethane                   615-53-2   Laboratory chemical 
Methylthiouracil                             56-04-2   	Antineoplastic agent
Metronidazole                                443-48-1  	Drug
Mirex                    	             2385-85-5	Pesticides
Mitomycin C                                  50-07-7   	Antineoplastic agent
Monocrotaline                                315-22-0  	Consumptions of  
							extracts of crotalaria 
							species as bush teas
 nitrofurfurylidene)amino]-2-oxazolidinone   3795-88-8	Former drug /22/
Nafenopin                                    3771-19-5 	Drug /22/
Nickel,  metallic  (1990)                    7440-02-0  Manufacture of acid-
							resisting and magnetic
							alloys /1.,p.1438/
Nitridazole                                  61-57-4   	Drug
Nitrilotriacetic acid and its salts (1990)   139-13-9   Softener in cleaning      
							agents and  phosphate     
							substitute in 
							detergents /23.,p.119/
5-Nitroacenaphthene                          602-87-9  	Diesel exhaust 
6-Nitrochrysene  (1989)                      7496-02-8  Gasoline and diesel
							engine exhaust fumes 
Nitrofen, technical-grade                    1836-75-5 	Herbicide
2-Nitrofluorene  (1989)                      607-57-8   Gasoline and diesel
							engine exhaust fumes 
  imidazolidinone      			     555-84-0  	Former drug 
N-[4-(5-Nitro-2-furyl)-2-thiazolyl]acetamide 531-82-8  	Analgesics,
							agent /24.,p.34/	
Nitrogen mustard N-oxide                     126-85-2  	Intermediate in
							production of 
							antineoplastic drugs
2-Nitropropane                               79-46-9    Use in vinyl epoxy
							paints, printing inks, 
1-Nitropyrene  (1989)                        5522-43-0 	Diesel engine exhaust
							fumes /18.,p.232/
4-Nitropyrene  (1989)                        57835-92-4 Laboratory chemical
N-Nitrosodi-n-butylamine                     924-16-3
N-Nitrosodiethanolamine                      1116-54-7  Isolated from cosmetic
							products /1.,p.1235/
N-Nitrosodi-n-propylamine                    621-64-7   Isolated in some 
							pesticides /6.,p.179/
3-(N-Nitrosomethylamino)propionitrile        60153-49-3	Constitutent of betel 
  1-butanone (NNK)              	     64091-91-4 Tobacco smoke 
N-Nitrosomethylethylamine                    10595-95-6	Tobacco smoke
N-Nitrosomethylvinylamine                    4549-40-0 	Apple brandy
N-Nitrosomorpholine                          59-89-2   	Rubber industry
N'-Nitrosonornicotine                        16543-55-8 Tobacco smoke
N-Nitrosopiperidine                          100-75-4   Fried meat and fish,
							rubber /26.,p.289/
N-Nitrosopyrrolidine                         930-55-2   Tobacco smoke, fried
							meat and fish 
N-Nitrososarcosine                           13256-22-9	Fried meat
Ochratoxin A (1993)                          303-47-9  	Mycotoxin 
Oil Orange SS                                2646-17-5 	Dye
Panfuran S, containing 
  dihydroxymethylfuratrizine      	     794-93-4 	Drug
Pentachlorophenol (1991)                     87-86-5   	Pesticide
Phenazopyridine hydrochloride                136-40-3  	Drug /4.,p.312/
Phenobarbital                                50-06-6   	Drug /4.,p.312/
Phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride               63-92-3  	Drug /27/
Phenyl glycidyl ether (1989)                 122-60-1  	Epoxy compounds
Phenytoin                                    57-41-0   	Drug /5.,II/47/
PhIP  (2-Amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo
  [4,5-b]pyridine) (1993)       	    105650-23-5	Cooked food, tobacco 
							smoke /22/
Ponceau MX                                   3761-53-3 	Dye
Ponceau 3R                                   3564-09-8 	Dye
Potassium  bromate                           7758-01-2 	Flour milling 
							industries as additive
							to improve baking         
Progestins                                    		Drugs
1,3-Propane sultone                          1120-71-4  Sulfopropylation of
							organic compounds 
b-Propiolactone                              57-57-8    Used in organic
							synthesis, vapour 
							disinfectant /1.,p.1185/
Propylthiouracil                             51-52-5   	Antineoplastic agent
Rockwool (1988)
Saccharin                                    81-07-2    Artificial sweeteners
Safrole                                      94-59-7    Parfumery, soaps,
							flavouring agent in 
							drugs /15.,p.234/
Slagwool (1988)
Sodium ortho-phenylphenate                   132-27-4  	Fungicide
Sterigmatocystin                             10048-13-2 Mycotoxin
Streptozotocin                               18883-66-4 Drug
Styrenee                                     100-42-5  	Solvent, raw material
Sulfallate                                   95-06-7   	Herbicide
  (TCDD)           			     1746-01-6  By-product during the 
							synthesis of 2,4,5-
Tetrachloroethylene                          127-18-4  	Dry cleaning/1.,p.677/
Thioacetamide                                62-55-5    Use as an analytical
							reagent in the 
							laboratory /1.,p.1391/
4,4'-Thiodianiline                           139-65-1   Dye intermediate
Thiourea                                     62-56-6    Photocopying, raw
Toluene diisocyanates                        26471-62-5 Manufacture of 
							elastomers of 
ortho-Toluidine                              95-53-4   	Dye
Trichlormethine (Trimustine hydrochloride) 
  (1990)           			     817-09-4 	Antineoplastic agent 
Trp-P-1   (3-Amino-1,4-dimethyl-5H-
  pyrido[4,3-b]indole)    		     62450-06-0 Charred fraction of 
							cooked fish and meat 
Trp-P-2   (3-Amino-1-methyl-5H-
pyrido[4,3-b]indole)        		     62450-07-1 Charred fraction of 
							cooked fish and meat 
Trypan blue                                  72-57-1   	Dye
Uracil mustard                               66-75-1   	Antineoplastic agent
Urethane                                     51-79-6   	Raw material


Bitumens, extracts of steam-refined and 
  air-refined    			     8052-42-4
Carrageenan, degraded                        9000-07-1 	Food additive
Chlorinated paraffins of average carbon chain length C12 and
  average degree of chlorination approximately 60% (1990)
Coffee (urinary bladder) (1991)
Diesel fuel, marine(e) (1989)
Engine exhaust, gasoline (1989)
Fuel oils, residual (heavy) (1989)
Gasoline(e) (1989)
Pickled vegetables (traditional in Asia) 
Polybrominated   biphenyls  (Firemaster  
  BP-6)               			     59536-65-1	Flame
Toxaphene (Polychlorinated camphenes)        8001-35-2 	Pesticide
Toxins derived from Fusarium moniliforme 
  (1993)                    				Mycotoxins
Welding fumes (1990)

Exposure circumstances

Carpentry and joinery
Textile manufacturing industry (work in) (1990)


(a) Year in brackets: year in which the evaluation was published 
    subsequent to  the Supplement  7  Working  Group  for agents, 
    mixtures and  exposure  circumstances considered in Volumes 43-58 
    of the Monographs.

(b) This evaluation applies to the group of chemicals as a whole and not
necessarily to all individual chemicals within the group.

(c) There  is  also conclusive evidence that these agents have a protective 
effect against cancers of the ovary and endometrium.

(d) Overall evaluation upgraded from 2B to 2A with supporting evidence from 
other relevant data.

(e) Overall  evaluation upgraded from 3 to 2B with supporting evidence from  
other relevant data.

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