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ILO and today′s global challenges (Part 1: 1989-1998)

Michel Hansenne, ILO Director-General (1989-1999)

Select to magnify the image “There shall be a Director-General of the International Labour Office, who shall be appointed by the Governing Body, and, subject to the instructions of the Governing Body, shall be responsible for the efficient conduct of the International Labour Office and for such other duties as may be assigned to him. The Director-General or his deputy shall attend all meetings of the Governing Body.” (article 8 of the ILO Constitution)
  1. Biography of Michel Hansenne
  1. 1989-1998:
    ILO and today's global challenges (Part 1: 1989-1998)
    1. 1989
    2. 1992
    3. 1993
    4. 1998
  2. 1919-1939
  3. 1940-1945
  4. 1946-1959
  5. 1960-1988
  6. 1999-

ILO Century Project

ILO Century Project Timeline

The ILO and the Quest for Social Justice

Video: The ILO and the Quest for Social Justice

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