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ILO activities in the post-war world (Part 1: 1946-1959)

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  1. Key documents

First ILO European Regional Conference, Geneva, 24 January - 5 February 1955

The first European Regional Conference, convened by the ILO Governing Body at its 127th Session (November 1954), was held in Geneva from 24 January to 5 February 1955.
The Conference adopted resolutions and conclusions on the following subjects:

  • the role of employers and workers in programmes to raise productivity;
  • the age of retirement;
  • an international comparison of the cost of social security and other social advantages;
  • the financing of social security.
In a statement to the press at the start of the Governing Body’s deliberations, the ILO Director-General, David A. Morse, recalled the Conference’s importance: “The items on the agenda are certainly important, but in my view, this conference’s significance lies chiefly in the fact that it shows that the countries of Europe now declare themselves ready to look for solutions to the social problems posed by the more complete economic integration of the continent”. He thus strongly reasserted the important role ILO played in European social affairs, seven years after the launch of the Manpower Programme.
  1. 1946-1959:
    ILO activities in the post-war world (Part 1: 1946-1959)
    1. 1946
    2. 1947
    3. 1948
    4. 1949
    5. 1950
    6. 1951
    7. 1952
    8. 1953
    9. 1955
    10. 1957
    11. 1958
  2. 1919-1939
  3. 1940-1945
  4. 1960-1988
  5. 1989-1998
  6. 1999-

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