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ILO between the two world wars

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  1. Key documents

First Labour Conference of American Member States of ILO, Santiago de Chile, 2-14 January 1936

In addition to discharging its missions relating to international labour law and documentation, ILO developed concrete activities in the member countries. Indeed, the problem of adapting the international labour conventions to local and regional conditions arose as early as 1919. This development, which was defined by the term “regionalization”, saw the gradual establishment of regional conferences and of a network of branch offices and national correspondents.

The first regional conference of Member States was organized in 1936, the aim being to examine problems of particular interest in a given region. The Santiago Conference adopted 26 resolutions relating to social security and working conditions in countries in the Americas. Numerous points were discussed, including:

  • the fundamental principles of social insurance;
  • closer ties between ILO and the countries of the Americas;
  • unemployment and immigration;
  • lthe working and living conditions of indigenous peoples.
This first regional conference was an undeniable success and genuinely helped strengthen ILO’s universal character.
  1. 1919-1939:
    ILO between the two world wars
    1. 1919
    2. 1920
    3. 1926
    4. 1927
    5. 1930
    6. 1932
    7. 1936
    8. 1939
  2. 1940-1945
  3. 1946-1959
  4. 1960-1988
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  6. 1999-

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