Training Materials for labour inspectors

In the framework of the Norway funded project “Enhancing Labour Inspection Effectiveness”, the ITC/ILO in collaboration with the ILO Programme LABADMIN developed a training curriculum for labour inspectors.

Resource list | 29 March 2012
The curriculum consists of a training manual composed of 15 modules covering a wide range of subjects related to labour inspection from principles, policies and strategies to practical tools and methods for visits. The content was selected and structured by a pool of international experts, building on existing documents and training material developed over the last 10 years by the ILO, the ITC/Turin and IALI. The purpose of the curriculum is to equip labour inspectorates with comprehensive training materials, which can be used as a tool and a reference to develop their own training curriculum adapted to the specific context, strategies, priorities and needs of the country.

The training package contains 12 Modules (see the link to the Introductory Module for an overview of the curriculum. An additional three modules have since been produced covering gender equality and labour inspection, as well as two modules (one for inspectors and the other for managers) on labour inspection in the rural economy.

Since its completion, the curriculum has been translated into several languages (Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, English, French, Macedonian, Moldovan, Montenegrin, Portuguese, Spanish and Ukrainian) and has been used by the ILO to train national labour inspectors from around the world.