Final report: Meeting of experts on labour inspection and the role of private compliance initiatives

Introduction, composition of the meeting of experts, opening statements, points for discussion, discussion of the Chairperson's draft summary, Chairperson’s summary, list of participants.

Conference paper | 19 February 2014
The Meeting considered four points for discussion:

Point 1: What are the constituents’ views on the impact of private compliance initiatives (PCIs) on working conditions in light of relevant international labour standards? Have these PCIs interacted with, and affected the functioning of, labour inspection systems and, if so, in what way?

Point 2: What options and practices exist for coordinated action, exchange of information, partnerships, etc. between PCIs and labour inspectorates towards strengthening measures to ensure workplace compliance?

Point 3: What should be the role, if any, of governments (particularly labour administration and inspection), workers’ and employers’ organizations with respect to PCIs?

Point 4: What role should the ILO have, if any, with respect to PCIs, particularly in light of the new area of critical importance (ACI) on strengthening workplace compliance through labour inspection for 2014-15?