Labour Administration

Labour administration is based on the main principles of governance:

  • LAB/ADMIN provides the following main services: Participation: Social dialogue and tripartism
  • Transparency: Decision-making, information and government services available for all
  • Credibility: Fair policies, laws and rules which are known and applied uniformly
  • Responsibility: An open organization which is accountable for discharging its mandate and for its activities
  • Rule of law: Compliance with labour laws

In this context, the ILO Convention No. 150 and Recommendation No. 158 concerning the role, functions and organization of labour administration (1978) lay down an international framework within which the preparation, implementation, coordination, supervision and evaluation of national labour policy are carried out. The Convention defines labour administration as “public administration activities in the field of national labour policy” and by labour administration system is meant “all public administration bodies responsible for and/or engaged in labour administration – whether they are ministerial departments or public agencies, including parastatal and regional or local agencies or any other form of decentralised administration – and any institutional framework for the co-ordination of the activities of such bodies and for consultation with and participation by employers and workers and their organisations”. The conditions under which labour administrations operate have changed dramatically over the last few decades due mainly to technological, economic and political developments and to the globalization of trade. Some labour administrations saw these developments as an opportunity to reinforce their role and development and to even introduce a new dynamic. Others seem to have lost their influence. In this context, labour administration must find the means to redefine their organization and intervention strategies so that they can better respond to expectations raised by a globalized world and by the current financial and economic crisis.

  • LAB/ADMIN provides the following main services: assessments of institutional organization and management;
  • provision of administrative and professional support to tripartite bodies;
  • exchange of information on labour administration systems, practices and laws;
  • promotion of relevant ILO standards;
  • enhancing the influence of labour administrations and their decision-making capacity;
  • promoting international networks;
  • research and publications.