The international Association of Labour Inspectors (IALI) is a global professional association for labour inspection. It fosters impact and effectives of labour inspection, providing information to its members on professional issues and promoting closer collaboration between its members.

The Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC) has been brought into being under the umbrella of the European Commission. It is a forum which allows EC member States, in particular their labour inspectors, to exchange their views on professional issues and national experience in their area of expertise.

The international network for training centers in the field of labour (RIIFT= reseau international d´institutions de formation dans le domaine du Travail), is a platform for exchanging information and experiences in training and education in the field of labour. It contributes to the reflection of national training strategies amongst its members.

The Regional Alliance of the Labour Inspectorates (RALI) regroups countries of Southeast Europe as well as Azerbaijan and Ukraine. It allows for a regular regional cooperation in the area of labour inspection through an exchange of best practices.

Red iberoamericana de inspección de trabajo

In April 2009, during the international workshop held in Santiago de Chile to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the ILO and the 80th anniversary of the Dirección general de Trabajo of Chile, a network of labour inspectorates of some selected Latin-American countries including Spain and Portugal was formed. The main target of this network is related to the promotion and mutual support of national inspections, the exchange of information and knowledge sharing. It is open to the adhesion of new countries, as has been the case of Central America in November 2009.

The Inter-American Network for Labour Administration (RIAL) is a mechanism for cooperation among the Ministries of Labour of the Americas that seeks to build their human and institutional capacities.
It was established by the Ministries themselves following the XIV Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labour (IACML) of the OAS in Mexico 2005, in response to the mounting pressures these Ministries face.