Immediate UN Response for coherent safeguarding the livelihoods of people made most vulnerable by COVID-19 in Nepal

The project is funded by the UN COVID-19 Response and Recovery Multi-Partner Trust Fund (COVID-19 MPTF or the Fund) and contributes to government’s early recovery efforts.


There have been 18,374 confirmed cases (as of July 24) of COVID-19 across seven Provinces of Nepal with 44 reported deaths. The lockdown has limited the spread of contamination by COVID-19, but it has had an adverse effect on people with limited income and livelihood opportunities, many not covered by any kind of social safety nets. Government has made a decision to focus on early economic recovery, while responding the humanitarian needs. UN Agencies have been repurposing their existing programmes/projects to contribute to the various efforts of governments in addressing the humanitarian and economic needs of the most affected. In addition,  under the leadership of UN Resident Coordinator, four UN Agencies - UNDP, UNESCO, IOM and ILO have designed a Joint Project “Immediate UN Response for coherent safeguarding the livelihoods of people made most vulnerable by COVID-19 in Nepal”  to specifically contribute to government’s early recovery efforts. Total available budget for the joint project is US$1,000,000.

The major interventions under the project include skill trainings, enterprise support and short-term employment in construction sector in selected Provinces.

ILO Intervention aims at creating paid work to the most vulnerable people, especially women, in Provinces 2 and 5 through organizing rural road maintenance work. The programme is implemented in 18 districts of the two Provinces. While undertaking regular maintenance of around 1100 KM of road in the two Provinces, ILO intervention creates three months of paid work to 530 men and women (70 per cent). Each worker is facilitated to open a bank account and their wage is deposited in individual bank account. National minimum wage and occupational safety and health, including safety measures against COVID-19 are ensured.

The total budget available for ILO intervention through UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund is US$296,060 and ILO contributes US$35,000 from its internal resources.

Project Team consists of a Senior Maintenance Engineer, an Assistant Engineer and a Sub-engineer in each Province to implement the activities. ILO CO Kathmandu monitors the implementation and technical backstopping is provided by Decent Work Technical Support Team (DWT), Bangkok.

For further information please contact:

Ms Nita Neupane
Senior Programme Officer