Emergency employment response to earthquake

Emergency Employment Response to Nepal Earthquake-affected Areas: Provision of OSH Equipment for Debris and Landslide Clearance Workers

In partnership with the Government of Japan, the Project contributes to enhance the occupational safety and health of the workers enrolled in debris, landslides clearance and road maintenance activities by providing protective clothing and hand tools.

Project objective

The ILO responded through emergency cash for work programme for early recovery of earthquake affected victims. The project contribution is to create 1,500 emergency employment opportunities and to enhance the safety of the workers engaged in debris and landslide removal and road rehabilitation by providing protection clothing and hand tools in the districts affected by the earthquake. The project is implemented in close collaboration with the Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DoLIDAR), Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Government of Nepal.

Expected outputs

Workers engaged in debris and landslide clearance equipped with protective clothing and provided with appropriate hand tools

Target beneficiaries

Women and men workers in rapid debris and landslides clearance and rural road rehabilitation activities in the earthquake affected Districts