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ILO/ACTRAV Norway Project: Trade Unions for Social Justice in Nepal

ILO/ACTRAV, with support from Norway, has been carrying-out this project in Nepal since early 2007. The ultimate goal of the project is to enhance the capacity of the trade unions in Nepal for effective and active involvement and participation in social dialogue at different levels. The project has been supporting the major trade unions to enhance their capacities in dealing with youth employment, freedom of association and collective bargaining and eliminating child labour.

The present phase of the project is entitled “Trade Unions for Social Justice” and seeks to ensure effective trade union actions to promote social justice in Nepal. A range of project activities and strategies have been designed to focus on youth and women involvement in trade unions, workers’ education, campaigns and promoting the formulation of necessary policy and effective implementation at national and local level. Other activities also include training, education and research on related worker’s right issues, ILO standards, organizing, campaigns and advocacy.

Objectives and Outcomes:

The immediate objective of the project is to support major trade unions for institutional capacity building and collaborations for promoting ILO's Decent Work Agenda.

The project attempts to achieve the following two broad outcomes in 2012 - 2015:

1. Trade Union leaders and rank & file members conversant with the concept of decent work and core union functions
2. Capacity of trade union arms (education, women, youth – committee/departments) strengthened for promoting Freedom of Association and International Labour Standards.

Target group and Implementing Partners:

Trade union educators, youth and women at local level and the representative organs like Education, Women and Youth Committees/Departments are the main targets for the project. Under the project, special attention is also being accorded to women and youth workers and empower them to take up leadership positions and provide strength to the trade union movement. The project collaborates with a broader platform major trade unions called Joint Trade Union Coordination Centre (JTUCC) and the activities are implemented in partnership with the following key national centres of trade unions in Nepal who are major players within the JTUCC:

a) All Nepal Federation of Trade Union Federation (ANTUF) –
b) General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT) –
c) Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) –

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