Green Jobs in Asia - Nepal

The priority of the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) for Nepal is "the generation of productive employment for building sustained peace". The project on Green Jobs under the Australian Government - ILO Partnership Agreement 2010-2015 aims to assist a limited number of countries, including Nepal in shifting to a low-carbon, environment-friendly economy that helps accelerate the jobs recovery and employment creation, reduce social gaps, support development goals and realize decent work.

Project description/strategy :

1. The main objectives of the project is to deepen ILO constituents’ understanding and commitment for the promotion of gender sensitive green jobs opportunities and a just transition for workers and employers towards a low-carbon, climate resilient, environmentally friendly development in Nepal. The key partners are the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MoLTM), Ministry of Environment (MoE), employers’ organizations and workers’ organizations.

The immediate objectives of this project are to:

Promote the capacity of ILO constituents’ to engage in dialogue on green jobs through increased access to reliable sources of data and information on green jobs and training, including on the employment impacts of environment-related policies and good practices on green jobs;

Mainstream green jobs in national labour and social policy of participating countries;

Demonstrate green jobs programs which respond to the different needs of women and men and has been implemented in key sectors selected on the basis of research and consultations.

Main activities :

The main activities will include a research study on the environment – employment-economy linkages; training and awareness raising programs to address the needs of social partners (Employers and Trade Unions), setting up of a tripartite task force to address employment aspects of climate change discussion currently underway in Nepal.

It is anticipated that upon completion of the project, ILO constituents and national partners will be knowledgeable about the impacts of climate policies on the labour market and the potential for gender responsive green jobs creation/maintenance.

For further information please contact :

Ms Nita Neupane
Programme Officer

ILO Office, Nepal
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