Follow up meeting of Kathmandu Working Group, a joint platform for Advocacy and Action for homeworkers working in lower tiers of supply chain in Nepal

The meeting discussed on drafting national policy framework for homeworkers and own- account workers and guidelines for the implementation of labour law and social security law for these workers groups.


The Joint Platform for Advocacy and Action on workers in lower tiers of the global supply chains in Nepal was established as an outcome of a national meeting in October 2018.  Since then, the platform has been working as a joint working group to promote advocacy and action, knowledge sharing and capacity building for the promotion of ethical business and fundamental rights of work within global supply chains. This working group has also developed a common code of conduct.

A follow-up meeting of the joint working group is crucial to understand more about the ongoing actions on advocacy and capacity building especially on the implementation of labour law and social security law and policy for homeworkers, as well as for contribution based social security for informal workers, including the homebased workers. The meeting will also focus on the development implementation guideline/framework of law and policy on homeworkers and homebased workers. Besides, this platform has identified the need of developing joint advocacy materials with evidences of vulnerable situations of homeworkers as well as other informal workers as well. 


The main objective of the meeting is to discuss major achievements as well as challenges, as well as way forward on advocacy and actions, as well discuss on issue related to ‘working from home’ to enable better understanding for promoting rights of homeworkers and homebased workers. 


By the end of the meeting following Outcomes are expected:
a)    the major achievements related to advocacy and actions and identify key  challenges experienced are understood and documented;
b)    The concept on “Working from Home” and the recent ILO report on the same subject is discussed with sharing other countries experiences;
c)    “Guidelines to promote decent work for homeworkers and homebased workers” are discussed and formulated a sub-group to draft these guidelines;
d)    A sub-group to draft national policy framework for home workers and homebased workers is set for presenting before the government to develop a national policy for home workers and homebased workers and
e)    Prepare the immediate and long term advocacy action plan on common agendas, with special focus to promote implementation of labour law and social security policy;

The sub group will draft the National Policy framework for homeworkers and own-account workers and suggest to the government for adopting the framework.


Representatives from workers’ organizations, Home Based Workers Concern Society Nepal, Homenet Nepal, SAARC Business Association of Homebased Workers Nepal, Saathi,  Women for Human Rights and CLASS Nepal.