Workshop on Media Content Management for the Advocacy Challenge Fund Grantees

The workshop aims to enhance the knowledge of ILO's constituents, value chain actors and media organizations to develop advocacy contents for the media.

The ILO is implementing the UNNATI-Advocacy for Rights and Good Corporate Governance in Nepal funded by the Government of Denmark to promote socially responsible labour practices in the prioritized four value chains; orthodox tea, ginger, dairy and cardamom.

The project is supporting three complementary areas of interventions focusing on advocacy dialogue, sustainability and public awareness through an Advocacy Challenge Fund (ACF) .

The Advocacy Challenge Fund is a means to support private sector organizations (PSOs) and other organizations interested in private sector development, to conduct evidence based advocacy and lobbyism activities and to support initiatives addressing responsible business issues including the Global Compact principles, corporate governance and inclusive economic development related human rights issues.

The specific objectives of the workshop are to:

•    discuss features of different media and forms for increased understanding to tailor media messages for visibility
•    provide knowledge and skills required to develop media content for advocacy and prepare a comprehensive work plan, especially for media organizations
•    engage in advocacy on issues related to value chains in selected commodities.