Orientation and Planning Meeting for the Advocacy Challenge Fund Grantees

The meeting was organized as a learning-sharing event to identify space for collaboration and creation of synergy to achieve the overall goal of promoting responsible business practices and labour rights, and good corporate governance.

A total of 30 implementing partners of the ILO implemented Advocacy for Rights and Good Corporate Governance (UNNATI-Inclusive Growth Programme in Nepal)  met in Kathmandu with a threefold purpose: introduce and share each other’s planned activities, identify space for collaboration and creation of synergy effect to achieve the overall goal, prepare a joint work plan for the project period and provide guidance on technical and financial reporting requirements of the ILO.
Mr Nabin Karna, National Programme Coordinator, Kathmandu, 5 June 2017

The specific objectives of the orientation are to:

         -  familiarize all 30 Advocacy Challenge Fund (ACF) Grantees of ILO/UNNATI with their project activities and develop a common goal and approach towards promoting responsible business practices, labour rights and good corporate governance,

        - engage all 30 ACF Grantees to develop a joint work plan and identify areas for collaboration and avoidance of duplication,

        - provide sufficient guidance to the ACF Grantees to follow a consistent reporting format and provide information and data, both qualitative and quantitative for technical and financial reporting purposes.

A participant sharing his learning expectations.

 The orientation is expected to bring all ACF Grantees together to know and understand each other planned activities and equip them with a reporting framework and tools to report progress in a systematic way in compliance with the requirements of the donor and the ILO.

Participants from the 30 implementing partners.