National Dialogue on Future of Work in Nepal

In response to the call made by ILO Director General on the “Future of Work Initiative” and considering its long term importance for Nepal, the Ministry of Labour and Employment (Government of Nepal), is organizing a tripartite plus workshop namely “National Dialogue on Future of Work in Nepal” on the 28 June 2016 in Kathmandu.

The workshop will be attended by more than 80 participants representing the government, employers’ and workers’ organizations in Nepal. Besides, a score of national experts and academia from renowned national universities are also invited to attend the workshop.

The workshop will deliberate on four key thematic areas which are also known as the “Centenary Conversations” on

•    work and society;
•    decent jobs for all;
•    the organization of work and production and
•    the governance of work

ILO has been providing technical assistance to the Ministry which intends to prepare a national report on the “Future of Work in Nepal”. A series of consultation meetings have been held with the employers’, workers’ and government groups in order to collect their views, concerns and suggestions. During the National Dialogue workshop, the preliminary findings of the consultation meetings will be presented for further discussion and validation.