Videos and photos

  1. World Tourism Day

    How small tourism businesses in Nepal are turning more professional

    27 September 2017

    The disastrous 2015 earthquake seriously damaged Nepal’s tourist industry. Now that the tourists are starting to return, they’re discovering something new about the way Nepalese businesses are welcoming visitors.

  2. "A better future for women at work"

    The future of gender equality at work

    15 June 2017

    The gap between women’s aspirations and the realities of the labour market mean there is still much to do to achieve a better future for women at work.

  3. 106th International Labour Conference

    President Bidya Devi Bhandari addresses the 106th International Labour Conference

    15 June 2017

    President Bidya Devi Bhandari of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal addresses the ILO’s World of Work Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, during it's 106th International Labour Conference.

  4. 106th International Labour Conference

    Shaping the world of work: The 106th International Labour Conference

    24 May 2017

    The 106th International Labour Conference gets underway in Geneva, Switzerland from 5 -16 June 2017. This year's session brings together over 4,000 delegates from around the globe to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world of work today.

  5. Video

    An interview with ILO Nepal’s Director Richard Howard on the occasion of Labour Day

    01 May 2017

    Labour Day is about bringing workers together to create a shared sense of solidarity and purpose. It is about working collectively to promote decent work, better working conditions, fair wages and social security. Nepal Television interviews Richard Howard, Director of the ILO Country Office for Nepal, on the occasion of Labour Day. He, emphasizing that labour is not a commodity but rather a part of our humanity, provides insight on the significance of marking labour day, the new labour law, and ILO’s five decades of work in Nepal among other pertinent issues.

  6. Our impact, their voices

    Women helping women succeed in Nepal

    08 March 2017

    In Nepal, women entrepreneurs are helping each other succeed by sharing business practices which not only build security and provide for their families; they can also change long-held perceptions about gender and the role of women in society.

  7. Video

    A day in the life of Road Maintenance Workers

    06 February 2017

    Tulasi Pangini and Indra Bahadur Sunar, from Kaski, Pokhara are two beneficiaries of the World Bank/ILO road rehabilitation and maintenance project, which use labour-based approaches in the rural communities.