Call for Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal: Design of Vocational Training Centre Facilities in Madhesh Pradesh

The ILO Country Office for Nepal invites a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a qualified engineering consulting firm to assess and determine the actual training demand through consultations with TVET specialists and government officials to develop conceptual drawings, detailed design drawings, and cost estimates for the construction of the training center.

News | 03 January 2024

Project Title:                                          

ILO- Support for Vocational Training Facility Construction (NPL126)


Regular consultation with the MOLESS team and key stakeholders in the province, the design of necessary buildings, the planning and design of the landscape, walking areas, and spaces, the identification of the equipment, instruments, and tools necessary for the identified training, and the project's costing are the key responsibilities.  

Work Duration:

February to March 2024

Deadline for Submission of Proposal:

17 January 2024

The Consulting firm has to accomplish the tasks as described in the Terms of Reference (ToR). Please follow the link for the submission of the proposal, Request For Proposal Template, Annex-III- ToR, Technical Proposal, and Financial Proposal.

Interested institutions are invited to submit their technical and financial proposals electronically to by 17:30 hrs on Wednesday,17th January 2024. The subject heading should mention “Design of Vocational Training Centre in Madhesh Pradesh”.

Please include a copy of the ownership certificate, company profile, VAT/PAN registration certificate, and updated tax clearance certificate of your company.

Note that submissions require a technical proposal (containing an organizational profile, team member details, previous experience, and such) and a financial proposal (with each possible expense heading detailed). The technical proposal should propose a detailed list of activities with a timeline to achieve the objectives of the consultancy. Technical and financial proposals should be sent in separate emails.

Interested institutions are requested to comply with all instructions, forms, contract provisions, and specifications contained in the RFP template to avoid rejection of the proposal.

The ILO may reject a proposal that does not provide all information requested which is necessary for assessment of the proposal by the ILO.