Impact stories

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    Meeting the challenges of HIV and AIDS workplace policies & programmes in companies with educated workforce

    01 August 2008

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    Workplace Policies on HIV and AIDS and the Right to Non-discrimination: Pilot Initiatives in Nepal

    01 August 2008

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    The role of Nepalese Trade Unions in the fight against HIV/AIDS among the migrant workers

    01 August 2008

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    Innovative Ways to Target the Invisible: HIV/AIDS Education for Transport Workers

    01 August 2008

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    International Day of the World’s Indigenous People 2007 - The “Khoriya” farming system in Nepal: Promoting socially and environmentally sustainable development

    07 August 2007

    A significant number of indigenous communities in Nepal practice shifting cultivation, as it is often the only viable way to farm the steep slopes they inhabit. Nevertheless, as in many other countries across Asia, indigenous peoples in Nepal face a hostile policy environment that either discourages such traditional farming systems or ignores its existence all together. Two ILO Conventions on indigenous and tribal peoples and discrimination in employment and occupation are being put to work in the field. ILO intern Niskua Kinid, part Kuna Indian from Panama and part Swedish Sami, reports on the situation in Nepal.

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    Mining and Quarrying - Case Stories - Nepal - Stone crushing

    01 June 2006

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    Mining and Quarrying - Case Stories - Nepal - Gravel

    01 June 2006