The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Library in Jakarta.


  1. Providing information to outgoing Indonesian migrant workers

    20 July 2000

    It is apparent that lack of information is an important factor in the various problems faced by Indonesian overseas migrant workers. Indonesia is not alone, other countries that send migrant workers overseas are facing the same problems.

  2. Restructuring of the social security system in Indonesia

    01 July 2000

    This assignment arose from the ILO Employment Strategy Mission to Indonesia as regards the findings in the field of social protection, and in particular, the serious problems of the Jamsostek scheme for employees in the private sector and State Owned Industries.

  3. Gender dimensions of the economic crisis and employment in urban informal and rural sectors in Indonesia

    28 April 2000

    In the face of Asian crisis, there has been increasing concern that women workers may be disproportionately affected by the downturn in Indonesia. However, the nature of the impact and changes that have been occurring in the country required specific and in-depth gender -differential impact assessment on employment and economic opportunities in various sectors.

  4. Consultative forum on a strategy for employment-led recovery and reconstruction in Indonesia: conclusions

    28 February 2000

    This tripartite forum sharply focused on the findings of the ILO Employment Strategy Mission to Indonesia undertaken in the spring of 1999.

  5. ILO Declaration on Principles: A New Instrument to Promote Fundamental Rights

    01 January 2000

    Respect for the principles and rights enshrined in the fundamental Conventions of the ILO has always been a prime concern of trade union organizations. For those States that have ratified these core Conventions, the supervisory mechanism now in place effectively ensures their application, and trade union organizations are increasingly prepared to use them.

  6. ILO principles concerning the right to strike

    01 January 2000

    Examines the principles laid down by the ILO’s Committee on Freedom of Association concerning the right to strike, covering inter alia political strikes, compensatory guarantees if the right to strike is denied, and protection against reprisals for strike action.

  7. Collective Bargaining: ILO standards and the principles of the supervisory bodies

    01 January 2000

    Provides an analysis of the observations made by the Committee of Experts in 1998 and 1999 on the application of the Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98) and related ILO standards


  1. Indonesia's recovery: employment optimism or statistical illusion

    01 November 1999

    The second in a series of Occasional Discussion Papers launched by the ILO Jakarta Office in the Spring of 1999 to assist Indonesia with ideas and analysis which could contribute to its uphill task of recovery from the socially devastating financial crisis.

  2. Demystifying the Core Conventions of the ILO through social dialogue: the Indonesian experience

    31 October 1999

    This monograph represents a concrete demonstration of the cross-cutting character of the ILO strategic programme themes. The monograph clearly illustrates how tripartism and social dialogue can be used as powerful and effective strategic tools for the promotion and realization of the fundamental principles and rights at work. It is indeed remarkable that the military and the police were incorporated into the process of this social dialogue.

  3. Indonesia: Strategies for Employment-Led Recovery and Reconstruction - Executive Summary

    31 October 1999

    Summary of the Report of the Employment Strategy Mission 26 April -7 May 1999

  4. Gender dimensions of globalization and modern sector employment in Indonesia

    15 October 1999

    The paper was commissioned to specifically anayze the gender dimensions of the impact of globalization on modern formal sector employment in Indonesia, with due attention also to the Asian crisis.

  5. Indonesia: Strategies for Employment-Led Recovery and Reconstruction - Main Report

    30 September 1999

    At the request of the Government of Indonesia, an Employment Strategy Mission was fielded by the ILO during 26 April to 7 May 1999. The mission was undetaken against the backdrop of severe adverse social effects of the economic crisis that the country faced since the middle of 1997. The main purpose of the mission was to formulate strategies, policies and programmes for responding to the challenge of job creation posed by the economic crisis in Indonesia.

  6. Indonesia: A gender review of globalization, legislation, policies and institutional frameworks

    21 May 1999

    This paper is to shed light in particular from a gender perspective, on the implications of the current legislative environment, government policies, as well as the relevant institutional frameworks affecting the access to income and employment opportunities, in particular for women workers.

  7. Indonesia's crisis and recovery: the myths and reality

    01 May 1999

    The first paper in this series begins by setting a wider perspective on the social issues by exploring and demystifying some of the commonly-held myths about the origins and controversies surrounding social impact of the crisis and over important elements of policy approaches for the revival of grwoth based on equity.

  8. Employment services: An introduction guide

    01 January 1999

    Provides an introduction to the functions and operations of public employment services, identifies the main features of an effective service, and introduces issues of concern for their future development.


  1. Protecting Indonesian migrant workers, with special reference to private agencies and complaints procedures

    30 October 1998

    The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower (DEPNAKER) expressed interest in ILO assistance in the elaboration of a more protection-oriented strategy regarding the country's citizens working abroad.

  2. Indonesia: Self-employment and micro enterprise development (SEMED)

    30 June 1998

    The main issues of the report is the need for research and surveys in order to ensure that the future design of programmes and projects are based on the real characteristics, needs and problems of micro and small enterprises.

  3. Employment challenges of the Indonesian economic crisis

    30 June 1998

    This study was launched prior to the mid-May riots, following the decision by the UN Country Team Meeting (Jakarta, 6-7 March 1998) to launch a subprogramme on employment strategies as a UN-System response to the present crisis. The study takes into account the conclusions of the High-level Tripartite Meeting on Social Responses to the Financial Crisis in East and South-East Asian Countries convened by the ILO (Bangkok, 22-24 April 1998) which identified sustainable and productive employment creation as one of the main priority areas of action for recovery and take off from the crisis.

  4. ILO Constitution

    01 February 1998

    Complete text of the ILO Constitution.

  5. Conducting labour inspection visits - a practical guide

    01 January 1998

    Highlights issues concerned with improving the quality of inspection work and enhancing the effectiveness of labour inspectorates. It is complemented by a companion guide "Labour inspection policy and planning: a practical guide" (ILO, 1998).