Occupational safety and health

ILO OSH Campaign 2018 - ILO Jakarta special edition

The ILO Jakarta Office conducted a one-year campaign on occupational safety and health in 2018. It was also aimed to place the health and safety of all workers on the international agenda to stimulate and support practical action at all levels.

The Campaign were supported and involved various programmes and projects under ILO Jakarta. The Campaign also incorporated into other relevant campaigns of ILO Jakarta such as “Youth Rights @ Work” Campaign on youth employment and “We Have the Same Right” Campaign on domestic workers.

In addition to the ILO’s OSH projects, SafeYouth@Work and OSH for Youth Projects, the Campaign activities were mainstreamed and had raised OSH related issues as part of the rights of domestic workers, collective bargaining agreements, improved productivity of small and medium enterprises, garment industry, palm oil industry and so forth.