Training Manual: Value Chain Development for Green Jobs REDD+ Opportunities in village landscapes of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

The present version of this training manual was written as a component of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) GLACIER project (Green livelihood access for Central Kalimantan’s inclusive environmental response to climate change).

Instructional material | 31 January 2013
This training manual was written for the purposes of:
1. Familiarising GLACIER value chain stakeholders with the ILO, REDD+ and village landscape frameworks that encompass GLACIER green jobs value chain (GJVC) development; and
2. Linking GLACIER GJVC market system players, providers and regulators with key ILO documents that deal with value chain development and enterprise development.

This training manual is intended as a tool for the conduct of workshops that engage potential market system participants who can play a role in the successful development of green jobs value chains in the landscapes of GLACIER villages. These include:
• Support function providers (e.g. BDS and banks);
• Governance function institutions (e.g. industry, government, adat); and
• Market players (e.g. MSME owner/operators and their allies).