Home-based workers: Decent work and social protection through organization and empowerment - Experiences, good practices and lessons from home-based workers and their organizations

The report presents experiences, good practices and lessons in empowering home-based workers and promoting decent work based on the review of the strategies used by support organizations in Chile, India, the Philippines and Thailand over the past 30 to 40 years. It shares the extensive knowledge and experience of home-based workers’ organizations in making home-based work visible, organizing and representing their members, and improving their working and living conditions.

Home-based workers (HBWs) are workers who are self-employed and/or subcontracted piece rate workers, and most of them are women. This report shares experiences, good practices and lessons from home-based workers, their organizations and support agencies on how to:
1. Develop, empower and organize HBWs.
2. Improve working and living conditions of HBWs.
3. Build sustainable membership-based organizations of HBWs.