Events and meetings


  1. Technical session on mechanisms for strengthening social protection and local recovery

    23 May 2022

  2. Webinar on Lack of Skilled ICT Personnel in Indonesia: Can We Still Compete?

    19 May 2022

    This webinar will share the finding of an ILO research project conducted in 2017-2020 on skills shortages, skills development strategies and the governance of international labour migration of ICT specialists in seven different countries: Canada, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

  3. A Series of Webinars on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries #2: What do the youth say about apprenticeship?

    12 May 2022

    Improving understanding and knowledge on quality apprenticeship programme from youth perspectives (apprentices)

  4. Enhancing Social Dialogue to Build Safety and Health Culture

    28 April 2022

    Through effective social dialogue, governments and social partners actively participate in all phases of OSH decision-making processes in Indonesia to build a positive safety and health culture.

  5. Rough Seas: COVID-19 impact on work in fishing

    27 April 2022

    The ILO-Cornell joint webinar will discuss new analyses of COVID-19’s impact on work in fishing in South-East Asia. The panel will present will share the effects of the pandemic and discuss ways forward with industry stakeholders for a more resilient fishing and seafood processing sector.

  6. Intersecting identities and experiences during labour migration: Perspectives of migrants with diverse sexual orientation, gender identities, gender expression and sexual characteristics (SOGIESC)

    20 April 2022

    Organized by the joint ILO-UN Women Safe and Fair Programme, this webinar aims to highlight challenges and opportunities labour migrants with diverse SOGIESC face in ASEAN region and ways of rights protection.

  7. A Series of Webinars on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries #1: Should we involve trade union in the apprenticeship programme?

    6 April 2022

    Improving better understanding on the importance and benefit of trade union involvement in apprenticeship programme.

  8. A Series of Webinars on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries

    6 April - 25 May 2022

    The overall objective of a series webinars are to improve capacity of the industries in implementing quality apprenticeship programme.

  9. Webinar on Digital Wages for Decent Work in Indonesia

    31 March 2022

    The Global Centre in collaboration with the ILO Country Office for Indonesia and Timor-Leste initiated a rapid assessment to study the prospects for responsible digital wage payments in Indonesia, notably in SMEs engaged in the garment and retail trade sectors.

  10. Media Gathering towards the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    28 March 2022

    Jointly conducted with the Ministry of Manpower to share strategic objectives in creating positive safety and health culture in Indonesia, and to present the vision and development for the OSH management system that is better suited to the changing world of work during and post-pandemic.

  11. The Commemoration of the World Day of Safety and Health 2022 in Indonesia

    28 March - 28 April 2022

    ILO in Indonesia is going to conduct various activities to leading to the World Day of Safety and Health at Work from 28 March to 28 April 2022.

  12. ILO Work in Fishery Consultation Meeting

    23 March 2022

    The meeting aims to ensure a coordinated approach across the ILO three projects on fishing sector and to present an overview of the complementary projects to maximize the impacts through a coordinated approach.

  13. Sub-regional Web Meeting on Skills & Human Resources Development (HRD) for Green Jobs and Greening Economies in Asia

    22 - 23 March 2022

    Thematic focus on green human resource development initiatives and green occupations in the Asian labour market.

  14. Faces of Women Workers in Palm Oil and Fishing Sectors

    10 March 2022

    Women play important roles across the supply chain in the rural sectors of agriculture, fishing and mining. They are often involved in multiple activities simultaneously while taking responsibility for the well-being of the members of their families, including food provision and care for children and the elderly.

  15. Launch of Joint Cooperation between ILO-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the Prevention of COVID-19 at Workplaces

    9 March 2022

    The joint cooperation will contribute to risk control of the COVID-19 transmission among workers in workplaces, as well as strengthen both employers and workers capacity in occupational safety and health (OSH).

  16. Mapping of Workers with Disability in Indonesia and Signing of Joint Commitment between ILO Jakarta Office and National Disability Commission

    8 February 2022

    Long before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, people with disabilities have already had significant challenges in getting access to information, health, transportation and infrastructure, as well as jobs that have grown even greater during the pandemic.

  17. One Minute Video Competition Award

    3 February 2022

    The video competition award is part of the video competition aimed to raise the awareness on occupational safety and health (OSH) culture and to promote the prevention of COVID-19 at workplace among general public.

  18. Accessing database and services of PES for job matching

    3 February 2022

    The third event of the Webinar Series on Public Employment Service (PES) and Its Linkage to Skills Development and Employment

  19. Trade Union Discussion on Social Protection #5: The roles of trade unions in governance of social protection system

    29 January 2022

    Fifth session of the Webinar series "Trade Unions Discussions on Social Protection"

  20. Social Protection Lectures #7: Maternity and paternity benefits across the world

    26 January 2022

    This ILO Jakarta Social Protection Lecture explores international practices, trends, and roles of maternity and paternity benefits.