NGOPI #5: How can technology be useful in education and training?

The ILO is collaborating with Skilvul to organize this webinar as part of the NGOPI programme with the purpose of presenting different perspectives and gaining insights and understanding in regards to distance training and education.


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a significant challenge on skills development. While vaccine programmes have been successful in Indonesia, movement of people and gathering are still limited, and training and education institutions are intermittently required to continue with distance learning when positive cases of COVID-19 are on the rise. Training and education institutions have also learned the challenges and best practices of distance learning in the past two years of the pandemic. However, anecdotal evidence suggests they still struggle with shifting classroom teaching to home-based education.

Today’s technologies may provide a viable answer to this challenge: distance-learning enables learning at home. Distance learning can help reduce human contact while assuring quality learning experiences. Even before the pandemic, promotion of distance learning was considered as a future direction of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) policies given the geographic conditions of Indonesia and urban-rural divide in the access to skills development opportunities.

Now, the rapid change in the field of IT and the rise in new digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain etc. is radically changing the nature of work including the education and training sector. Not only does it alter the skills and competencies required for the workplace, but it also affects the way organizations, educational and training institutions, and societies learn new things and adapt. It is therefore imperative that we embrace and adapt with the changes.

NGOPI is a programme facilitated by Skilvul that aims to provide the audiences with what could be the most common challenges and problems related to distance training and education, to facilitate discussion and to open up new perspectives from our panels’ experiences. The ILO is collaborating with Skilvul to organize four (4) webinars as part of the NGOPI programme with the purpose of presenting different perspectives and gaining insights and understanding in regard to distance training and education.


NGOPI webinar series is to present different perspectives and gain insights and understanding regarding distance training and education to enable policymakers, stakeholders and TVET practitioners to embrace technological and digital change for the better and to collaborate for better and qualified distance training and education.

Target Audience

  • Training and education practitioners (teachers, facilitators, instructors)
  • Training and education institutions (schools, polytechnics, universities, BLKs/BBPLKs, private training institutions)
  • Startups


  • C. Hirania Wiryasti, National Programme Officer, ILO
  • Badar Agung Nugroho, Head of Pokja Professional Academy, Ministry of Communication and Information, RI
  • Adi Respati, Education and Research Head, Websis Solusi Indonesia


William Hendrajaya, Chief of Business, Skilvul