Career Opportunities as a Motion Graphic Artist

Along with the development of the digital world and design, Motion Graphic Artist has become one of the professions that has an important and popular role in the industry. It can be used as an option in pursuing a career, especially for fans of the design field.


The main objective of this webinar is to increase the knowledge of participants who are interested in the field of Motion Graphics to be able to better understand the profession of motion graphics artist, especially in terms of what competencies are needed and the demands of the current industry so that they are more motivated and have more preparation to enter the motion industry. graphic and can plan his career better.

Scope of Discussion:

  • Explanation of the profession in the field (Scope of work, what industry/company requires, overlapping with other professions). What trends are emerging in the profession (Specific skill sets, certifications, knowledge/ majoring, etc.)
  • Why professions in this field are in demand in the market
  • What knowledge is needed in the profession (Minimum local or international standards). And how to get that knowledge, both from formal and non-formal education
  • Career path in the profession to the field.
  • What is the general standard income/income for the profession.
  • How to increase recruitment chance or monetizing potential in the profession.

Target Participants:

  • Fresh Graduate SMA/SMK, Universities in Indonesia

Resource persons:

  1. R. Adam Azis, Sub Program Coordinator, Ministry of Manpower
  2. Dermawan Syamsuddin, Deputy of Education, AINAKI
  3. Satrya Mahardhika, Subject Matter Expert, DKV BINUS


  • Arleen Arestyani, Subject Content Coordinator, Broadcasting, FEC, BINUS University