Commemoration of the 16th Days of Activism on Elimination Violence against Women

Journalism Exhibition and Multi-stakeholders Talk Show in Human Rights Festival 2021 “Moving Together in Diversity, Inclusivity, and Resilience to Eliminate Violence against Women Migrant Worker”

The event is a side event of the Human Rights Festival, organized by the President’s Office, National Human Rights Commission, INFID and Semarang City Government.

The aims of the event are to organize an exhibition and a talk show in promoting gender responsive policies, services and to strengten voices of women migrant workers to eliminate violence against them as well as to facilitate dialogues among women migrant workers in Indonesia with those women migrant workers in countries of destination on the current situation of labour migration placement and protection services. The event is also aimed to improve the knowledge of the attending participants on the importance of a multi-stakeholder collaboration and cross border partnership in developing coordinated gender responsive services to women migrant workers and building a stronger commitment to work together in eliminating violence against women migrant worker.


Opening remarks
Thibout Portevin, Head of Cooperation of the European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, Jamsheed Kazi, Representative of UN Women and Michko Miyamoto, Country Director of the ILO in Indonesia

Virtual tour of the journalism exhibition

Fauziah Rivanda, the Alliance of Indonesian Journalist (AJI) Jakarta

M. Iqbal, the Alliance of Indonesian Journalist (AJI Jakarta)

Sinthia Harkrisnowo, ILO's Project Coordinator of Safe and Fair: Realizing Women Migrant Workers’ Rights and Opportunities in the ASEAN Region

Panel discussion

Suhartono, Director General of Manpower Placement and Expansion of Employment Opportunity, Ministry of Manpower

Agustinus Gatot Herwaman, Deputy Regional Asia and the Pacific of the National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers (BP2MI)

Dina Nuriyati, Coordinator of MRC, Migrant Workers' Labour Union (SBMI)

Suci Sekarwati, Journalist of

Maratun Narshihah, Journalist of Suara Merdeka

Adinda R. Kusumo, Reporter of Kompas TV

Nunik Nurjannah, UN Women's Project Coordinator of Safe and Fair: Realizing Women Migrant Workers’ Rights and Opportunities in the ASEAN Region