Trade Unions Discussions on Social Protection

Recent study shows that social dialogue has “a significant and positive impact on trade union membership”.


Recent study shows that social dialogue has “a significant and positive impact on trade union membership”. Using econometric approach on trade unions data, the study reveals that the use of social dialogue to reach consensus between workers and employers contributed to around 26% increase in trade unions membership.

Exploring strategies for enhancing trade unions roles in shaping policies in response to COVID-19 pandemic and providing services to the members, the study suggests that trade unions need to engage in influential and inclusive social dialogues with government, employers and development partners. Through such dialogue, workers organizations can contribute in strengthening capacities of labour relations institutions for effective social dialogue, promoting policies that support sustainable business and creation of decent working opportunities, and developing sustainable social protection policies that are responsive to socio economic shocks caused by crisis.

To be influential and effective in such dialogues trade unions need to engage in an informed and evidence-based manner. In this regard, the ILO Country Office for Indonesia and Timor Leste, through its social protection programme is organizing a webinar series of trade unions discussions on social protection.


The main objective of the discussions is to contribute in enhancing capacities of workers and trade unions officials to engage in informed and evidence-based dialogues on social protection issues.

More specifically, the discussion aims to:
  • Bring together workers perspectives, knowledge and experiences
  • Facilitate technical discussions among workers organization
  • Explore international standards and practices

Expected Participants

Trade unions members and officials from confederation, federation, branch and plant levels are expected to participate.

Resource Person

Representative(s) of workers organizations will be invited as the main resource person to present their perspectives and experiences on the topic.


The discussion will apply short power point presentation(s) of not more than 25 minutes and panel discussions. ILO National Officer for Social Protection will chair the discussions and provide technical inputs on relevant ILO principles and country practices. ILO Social Protection Programme Manager or ILO Specialists may participate as observer and provide technical inputs.

List of Discussions