How to Undertake an Assessment for Apprenticeship Programme?

Second topic of the Virtual Workshops on Quality Apprenticeship for Industries

  • Aim: To share detailed information on assessment system for apprenticeship programme
  • Objective: To improve participants understanding on assessment system and have tentative plan for their assessment in their industries
  • Main target audience: Maximum 50 participants of HR and Industry Association representatives are expected to participate in the workshop.
  • Additional partners: KADIN & GNIK
  • Pre-requirement: The participants has already implemented apprenticeship program in their industries or/and has already attended the Virtual Workshop Topic 1: Developing Curriculum for Beginners. 
  • Total duration: 20 hours
  • Session 1: Assessment mechanism for apprenticeship programme (8 hours)
  • Session 2: Practicing and mentoring for apprenticeship programme (12 hours)
  • Schedule: 18th to 27th August 2021
Day 1: Mentoring and evaluation of apprentice participants
Day 2-4: Tasks carried out by participants accompanied by facilitators through Google Classroom, Whatsapp group and Zoom
Day 5: Review of participants' tasks by resource persons and facilitators via Zoom
Day 6-8: Revision of participant's tasks according to input from the facilitator and resource persons through Google Classroom, Whatsapp group
Day 9: Review and final discussion of assignments by the facilitator via Zoom
Day 10: Assignments submission via Zoom